5 Improvements After Stem Cell Transplant

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Last Updated on: 27th July 2023, 04:12 pm

A Difficult Start 

Zuzanna was born with cerebral palsy (CP), a condition that results after damage to the cerebral hemispheres. This damage happens before, during, or shortly after birth. Zuzanna, lovingly referred to as Zuza, has spent her life dependent on her family, quadriplegic and also epileptic. Before hearing about stem cells for cerebral palsy, and with increasing seizures happening as often as three times a day, her family searched for answers.

Stem Cells for Cerebral Palsy

Her parents, looking for a solution, heard about stem cells as a treatment for cerebral palsy in their home country of Poland. Naturally, they hesitated, unsure of whether this was the right choice for their daughter. Stem cells are still not FDA-approved in Poland. By the time they seriously looked into it, Zuza was out of the age range for the treatment in Poland. After expanding their search around the world, and Zuza’s mother said, Beike “was the first and the last to impress us.”

Finding Stem Cell Treatment Now

Zuzanna’s mother believes finding Stem Cell Treatment Now is “not a coincidence,” and is appreciative of the high standards of medical and rehabilitative care, and the “eternally smiling people” on staff. She admits that before going to Thailand, “I was afraid of (a) language barrier, climate, food … completely unnecessarily. Staff, doctors, nurses, rehabilitation, were wonderful, smiling, and qualified people. They have always been happy to help!”

No More Seizures 

She also could not believe the individual attention Zuzanna received. From multiple staff working with her at one time to the individual diet plan created for her, Zuzanna experienced “rehabilitation at the highest level.” And the hard work paid off. In less than two weeks after being home, “physiotherapists and doctors noticed a physical improvement” in her condition. Some of the improvements from stem cells included:

  • Increased head control
  • Increased torso stability
  • Able to relax her hands and feet
  • Increased focus and concentration

Her mother also noticed, “She began to pay attention to even the smallest details. She was watching, she looked everywhere. It was amazing.” However, one of the most exciting improvements is that her seizures have decreased as well. An “EEG head examination confirmed changes in the record… Until today, Zuza hasn’t even had one epileptic attack. It’s been 8 or 9 months.” To this day, those improvements have remained.

A Second Visit

Stem cells as a treatment for cerebral palsy are increasing in popularity as more patients like Zuza bravely try and share their results. In a recent interview asking why she decided to return for a second visit, she answered, “When we returned to Poland and our physiotherapists saw Zuzanna, they couldn’t believe what had happened. In 8 years of rehabilitation, unfortunately, they were not able to achieve the effects we obtained after the first treatment here with Beike. That’s why we came back.”

Her family has been outgoing in their support of stem cells for cerebral palsy. In an overall reflection, Zuzanna’s mother had to say, “Beike is the best thing that could happen to us. We do not want to leave. Thank you very much for your care, you are wonderful. We love you very much.” Zuzanna and her family recently returned to Poland after a second treatment, and we all hope that Zuzanna will see more improvements in the following months!

Listen to Zuzanna’s family express their support for stem cells, Stem Cell Treatment Now and Beike Biotech in this Youtube video below:

Last Updated on: 27th July 2023, 04:12 pm

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