A Hug From Hunter

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In early June. Shortly after the first few treatments, Hunter’s mom wrote about some exciting improvements:

One excerpt from June after 5 of 6 treatments:

“Tonight Hunter was sitting on my lap and I was on Facebook when I realized that I had both hands on the computer. Never in sixteen years have I been able to use both hands on a task when holding Hunter until tonight. During these three weeks he is now able to lift his arms with no tone. I am catching him with straight wrist and he is holding things in his hand with a typical grip. He is verbalizing response to questions. Just to name a few.”

These improvements were outstanding for Hunter and his family was truly amazed at the fast improvement. While it is not typical for improvements to be noticed so quickly, some patients experience more drastic changes like Hunter did.

What is even more amazing is the Beike received from Hunter’s mom on September 2, 2014, about 3 months after his last stem cell treatment.

”On the 7th is his third month since getting his last stem cell (treatment)… Yesterday he actually controlled his bike by holding his arms still. He then surprised me and turned corners. There is no way he could do that before Better Being Hospital. He is sitting in the car without a car seat. Vision is great. The list goes on and on.”

Regarding Cerebral Palsy, the improvements that Hunter is seeing so quickly are crucial to having a better quality of life. Stem cell patients can expect to see improvements for up to one year following treatment. It is amazing to see that Hunter is experiencing these wonderful improvements. Another update from Hunter’s mom shows not only improvements in Hunter’s quality if life, but also his family’s.
“He is using his shoulders for the first time in his life. Which is freaking me out. I am not used to him lifting his arms. He can give hugs.”

From everyone at Beike and BBH, we wish Hunter and his family continued success and happiness.