Amazing results after 3 months of Stem Cell Therapy for CP

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Last Updated on: 31st July 2023, 05:36 pm

Ava during a physiotherapy session

Ava and her mom came to Thailand in February 2022. After 23 days of treatment, they went back to Switzerland very confident that the improvements would come soon. 3 months later Ava’s mom contacted us and shared all the great news about her daughter, on her own words here is what she has to say…

We would be happy if we can somehow manage to travel to Thailand again soon for a second treatment.


Ava has periventricular leukomalacia and this has resulted in Tetra Cerebral Palsy; Ava is also severely visually impaired. Ava cannot manage her daily life without us, she is dependent on assistance 24 hours a day. She has no control over her trunk or head and is subject to severe spasticity.


Ava has a healthy twin sister, so the thought of using stem cells to treat her occurred to me. In Switzerland and Europe, this treatment is not allowed, so we found Beike and spent a year getting well informed about the treatment and what risks it can bring for Ava. Our doctors are all very skeptical about this treatment. We always figured if it didn’t help Ava, it would be an expensive rehabilitation treatment.

We found Beike on the Internet. We know Thailand very well and we really appreciate their mentality. This was a factor for us to inform us more precisely.
We hoped that our daughter would be more independent, and that she would find a way to communicate and determine herself.

The Treatment

Since we arrived shortly after the reopening of Corona, we still had to go into quarantine.

We were comfortable at all times but often misunderstood as well. All our concerns were promptly addressed and we are thankful for that. Thais therapists are all amazing! Professional and knowledgeable. Especially physiotherapy or occupational therapy. All are very accommodating and supportive.

After Treatment

I already felt and saw the first changes in Ava during the last week in Thailand after 1 month, but in my opinion, it was the intensive therapy, because the cells were still finding their way into Ava’s brain. When we got back home, we were unfortunately infected by covid. She had a middle ear infection and a high fever as symptoms. It is all she should not have after the treatment, but in the end, this did not affect her success.

Now it is 4 months after treatment and Ava is another girl, unbelievable!!!

It’s certainly worth mentioning that she goes through therapy four times a week and that we, as a family, work very intensely with her every day. We want to have the max effect of the golden period 3 to 6 months after stem cell.

We can communicate with her, she raises her right arm for everything that is: yes, more, positive, and hello. So cognitively huge progress.

She has much better trunk and head control, her spasticity is no longer as pronounced. She can sit in her therapy chair (not independently) but her upper body is no longer constantly tipping forward. Since her head position is better, Ava can eat better (unfortunately not faster).

She has also been in intensive rehabilitation for 6 weeks now and has developed great communication skills. So much that we are now even starting to use a computer program to help her communicate.

Ava is on the way to becoming more independent and able to communicate so she no longer lives alone in her world – that is very nice to see every day.

We would be so happy if we can somehow manage to travel to Thailand again soon for a second treatment!!!

To Follow Ava’s progress, go to her Facebook by clicking here.