Baby Steps Towards Anoxia Recovery

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Often times at the hospital we have the privilege to witness first hand the improvements that our patients experience with stem cells before their discharge. Generally speaking, patients may have to wait anywhere from three to nine months to start noticing the first signs of recovery. However, that was not the case with Arthur Salvador Da Silva.

Arthur was born in Southern Brazil and despite being only 8 months old, Beike Biotechnology’s medical team gave him approval for stem cell treatment. So on December 16th they arrived in Bangkok, Thailand. His father Rodrigo said it clearly when he told the doctors and the staff that his main goal was to give his little boy a chance to improve his quality of life, even if that meant spending the Christmas holidays away from their family in South America.

Stem cell treatment was a Christmas miracle

Luckily for Rodrigo, the Christmas he spent in Thailand could be perhaps the most memorable one so far, as Arthur started improving in a way that doctors back in Brazil would have deemed as inconceivable. For him, it was “a Christmas miracle” and he couldn’t be happier with the results.

Little Arthur suffers from Anoxia because of complications during his childbirth and his life has been severely affected because of it. Shortly after being born, he slept with difficulty, cried for hours and couldn’t hold his neck straight. Brazilian doctors assured the concerned family members that nothing could be done and that any attempt to find a solution would be in vain. Thankfully, Rodrigo decided to listen to his heart instead.

The week before departure, Arthur was able to sleep better, control his tantrums more and he could keep his neck steady. The combination of stem cells and the excellent work performed by BBH’s OT and PT therapists have worked as a determining catalyst in our young patient’s invigorating improvement.

Now it is time for them to return to their home-country and show Arthur’s mother and all their other friends and loved ones the first signs of improvement he has already experienced. In due time, we hope to have the honor to see Arthur undergoing a second stem cell treatment at the Better Being Hospital. We will all be waiting for him and his father with open arms.