CP Patient Returns for 7th Round Treatment

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Last Updated on: 27th July 2023, 04:19 pm

Two years ago in November of 2014 we documented CP patient Alexandru’s return for his 7th stem cell treatment (watch below) and just six months later we received a home video from his parents showing him walking once again. Now, Alex has returned for his 7th treatment. Below is a short compilation of his recent physical and occupational therapy activities at our treatment facility as well as an interview update with his parents.

Answers are translated from Romanian and modified for clarity but the content is as given.

What were Alexandru’s symptoms from CP and what was the patient experiencing personally?

Before starting the stem cell treatment, my son had a severe mental delay: difficulty in speaking, did not attend any school and he hardly could express himself. Talking about motor skills, Alexandru used to have very many limitations in movement:

  • He could not sit on his knees.
  • Alexandru could not stand up.
  • My son could not walk even if he was helped.
  • Could barely use his hands and feet.

How did you hear about stem cell therapy? What did you think of the technology? Were there any concerns or hopes before arriving? How did you find Beike? What lead you to choosing Beike as a treatment option?

I heard from a patient who had been to a treatment in China, from the internet, and also from the mass media in Romania. In the very beginning there were fears but hopes were prevalent.

What were your treatment expectations before going to Thailand? What specifically were you hoping to achieve?

I had expectations but not too big because the stem cell treatment being an experimental treatment, I was not sure that a miracle would happen. I started following this path thinking that even if we helped my son improve his health only 10 percent, it was a gain. Working hand in hand with the Chinese doctors and the specialists throughout this time, I have discovered the benefits of this treatment.

Upon arrival, what were the first few days like? Was it convenient, comfortable, etc?

At arrival there were many concerns especially as it was an unknown destination but over time my fears disappeared.

What do you think about the Beike Biotech and hospital staff overall?

We have nothing to complain about. The conditions, the stuff and the attitude offered by clinics in Thailand are good. Here, at Beike’s partner  treatment enter a patient has all conditions he/she needs, all the staff ‘s attention is upon the patient and this helps. The facilities are good, too.

Please tell us about the first stem cell treatment. Also, what are your thoughts about the comprehensive approach, including functional medicine and nutrition on top of the cell therapy.

As I was announced by the doctors from China, the results began to appear after nine months from the first treatment and therapies for CP patients. Today, my son’s condition has improved a lot. Referring to his physical abilities, he has made the biggest progress. He speaks fluently with no more difficulty in speaking. He goes to school and he expresses himself coherently.


He can go alone with the frame, and his hands have recovered 80%. I can say that his progress has been remarkable. I also can mention the fact that such a progress has been achieved by using the stem cell treatment together with the other therapies. They go hand in hand.

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Final thoughts?

If it were for me to take it over again, I would do it without any hesitation. I highly recommend to all those who have health problems, to try this therapy and to really believe that they will be able to get better. But this depends on each CP patient’s self-confidence and hope.

People with chronic conditions around the world have experienced quality of life improvements by utilizing Beike stem cell treatment technology and protocols. For more information on our stem cell treatment please inquire below:

VIDEO: Alexandru CP Patient Testimonial:

Last Updated on: 27th July 2023, 04:19 pm