High Potency Stem Cell Injection Protocol for Degenerative Conditions

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Umbilical cord derived adult stem cells

Beike Biotechnology is recommending a new protocol for degenerative conditions utilizing higher quantities of umbilical cord derived adult stem cells. The treatment reduces both the time and cost required due to less injections with each packet containing a more concentrated amount of cells. This treatment protocol then contains 200 million umbilical cord derived stem cells in total and can be done in a minimum of eight (8) days. The treatment includes both intravenous injections (IV) and lumbar puncture (LP) of both mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) and umbilical cord blood stem cells (UCBSCs).

High-dose stem cell treatment protocol

This new high-dose protocol was designed specifically for patients with degenerative conditions such as Ataxia, Liver Cirrhosis, Motor Neuron Diseases (MND), Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE). Patients suffering from these types of recurring conditions should receive stem cell treatments and other therapies more regularly in order to continuously slow the progression of the disease and treat the symptoms. With less time required, we are hoping that patients and their families will have an easier time receiving the treatment and thus lead a better quality of life and see less disease progression.

How many stem cells?

The major technical advantage of this treatment was Beike’s ability to produce packets of umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells in quantities of 50 million stem cells per packet, as opposed to Beike’s standard packets of 20 million. These high-potency packets are unique to Beike Biotechnology and only available through this new high-dose protocol.

Since the emphasis of this protocol is to allow for more regular treatments, we are not including Better Being Hospital’s comprehensive therapies in this protocol. We highly recommend all patients continue their therapies at home leading up to the treatment as well as after. Of course if the patient wishes to extend their stay, more packets* and additional therapies are available.

*The final protocol will be determined by our medical team to ensure safety and efficacy.

The more concentrated packs of cells were designed by Beike Biotechnology’s laboratories specifically for conditions which require a higher dosage of cells. Due to the degenerative nature of these conditions, the higher amount of cells in the body will continue to differentiate appropriately for a longer period of time. The safety and efficacy of this new protocol is based in clinical research and research done by Beike Biotechnology and other third party studies.

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