Juliana – After Stem Cell Treatment for Muscular Dystrophy

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Juliana, from Brazil, was diagnosed with Limb-girdle muscular dystrophy type 2B when she just turned 25 years old. The first symptoms were weakness in her lower limbs, lack of balance resulting in constant falls and difficulty in climbing stairs. As the years progressed her limitations worsened which led her to quit working outside. Eventually, she needed to stop driving, needed help to go around the house, get up from bed or chair, and use the toilet. It was very difficult for her to accept in the beginning. It was hard to acknowledge that what she had was a degenerative condition with no treatment and that she would end up needing to use a wheelchair soon. It’s been a long process and after consulting with many professionals in their area, she slowly took things positively, adapting to her “new” physical condition. 

Before Stem Cell Treatment

After long and intensive research on the internet, she came across Beike’s website in 2014 and sent an inquiry to learn more about it. At that time she had to consider the costs and thought that her physical condition wasn’t that bad and wouldn’t get worse. In 2018, her condition deteriorated which resulted in the use of a wheelchair. That’s when she decided that it might be the right time to give the treatment a try. She started talking to our previous patients and felt confident in starting the process to come for Stem Cell treatment. In July 2018, she was approved for the program after a careful assessment of her medical background.

“I felt so happy and emotional, it was my only alternative to improve my quality of life”, Juliana expressed. With the help of her husband and their community, they initiated a fundraising campaign selling t-shirts, raising donations through local events and that got Juliana all over social media with the hashtag #JuntoscomJuliana. She said, “It was a lot of work, but beautiful to see our community helping, I’m so grateful to everyone that helped”.

I felt so happy and emotional, it was my only alternative to improve my quality of life

Juliana with her husband during fundraising campaign

During Treatment

The treatment is amazing, the staff was wonderful, extremely dedicated, I only have compliments to say about them

Juliana underwent a specific rehabilitation program, tailored to her condition and needs.  Her favorite activity was the aquatic therapy since she can do most of the things she can’t on the ground. With the help of the therapists, she learned many techniques to bring back to the therapists in her hometown to help her continue the rehabilitation activities.

After Stem Cell Treatment

Juliana came to Thailand by the end of May 2019 for an 18-day protocol with 8 packs of Stem Cells. After the treatment, she felt a significant increase in her energy. Her mobility improved which made her able to walk around the house by herself, stand without support for longer periods, and improved her stamina for better performance during exercises. 

She is taking nutrition and diet advice very seriously and switching to a healthier lifestyle by changing her old habits. Because of this, she has lost weight that is generally beneficial for her condition. Juliana states with poise and dignity, “I still have difficulties to stand up by myself, and I still need assistance, but the stem cells are working in my body and I’m stimulating as much as I can with exercises and an active lifestyle. I have high hopes of getting even better, becoming more independent, even in small things.”

First Improvements

After the first few injections and the intensive rehab program, she started to notice some improvements in her upper body and her leg muscles became stronger as the treatment went by. She now notices the improvements day by day in many small different ways. 

Message from Juliana

During our talk she particularly asked to leave this part with her very own words…

The treatment protocol is very complete, I recommend with all my heart, there’s nothing to fear. It’s very serious, they give you what they promised, there’s no side effect. I’m sure that people with my condition or any other that are looking for an alternative way to treat, will find this as an opportunity to improve their quality of life, there will be improvements, even if it’s a small thing, depending on the physical condition, it’s worth it. I worked hard to get here through a fundraising campaign, with the help of my community and people that were touched by my life journey. The treatment is relatively expensive for those who don’t have comfortable financial stability, but I guarantee it’s worth every penny.

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