Patient Stories

Former Patients Talk about their Stem Cell Treatment Experience

Sue Jordaan and family members

Sue Jordaan’s SCI Stem Cell Treatment

Below is a recent follow-up interview (1/14/2015) between a Beike international staff member and Sue. Please describe your physical state before stem cell treatment. What sensations did you have or not have? Before my stem cell treatment I had little balance and no/or little bladder control. I could not sit ... read more


Renzo is Coming Back for Stem Cell Treatment

Cerebral palsy patient is back for stem cell treatment Beike Biotechnology is glad to inform all our readers that Renzo Centurión has come back to us for a second round of stem cells and he is currently staying at the Better Being Hospital undergoing his new treatment. Renzo is a ... read more

Hunter and family at BBH Hospital during their Stem Cell Treatment in June of 2014

A Hug From Hunter

In early June. Shortly after the first few treatments, Hunter’s mom wrote about some exciting improvements: One excerpt from June after 5 of 6 treatments: “Tonight Hunter was sitting on my lap and I was on Facebook when I realized that I had both hands on the computer. Never in ... read more

Picture of Mia Ruthey PLS patient

Mia and another successful PLS treatment

PLS Stem cell treatment Mia, a patient who recently returned home had nothing but gratitude and even more results to share with us. Mia has been treated many times with Beike and BBH, and as such has been able to achieve a much higher quality of life than her condition ... read more

Flynn Rigby undergoing ergotherapy during his second treatment for CP

Flynn’s Incredible Journey

Cerebral palsy patient Incredible Journey There are many times at the Better Being Hospital when a Beike patient shares with us a heartwarming story, but few of them can compare to Flynn Rigby’s. Flynn is a 12 year old boy from Cairns, Australia, who arrived in this world together with ... read more


Sight for Ireland – A Patient Perspective

Ireland, a little girl from the USA is receiving Beike stem cells for the second time. Ireland has Septo-optic dysplasia (SOD) as well as Autism, and received great improvements from her first round with adult stem cell therapy. Her parents are sharing her story daily with blog posts and photos ... read more