Personalized Nutrition Counseling at Better Being Hospital

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Last Updated on: 6th June 2022, 05:28 pm

At Better Being Hospital one of the first questions Dr. Torsak asks patients is, “How is your diet?” While this may sound strange to some, it is a vital question when it comes to treating chronic conditions systemically. In addition to being monitored by a team of nutritionists, our patients receive cooking classes to learn how to prepare the perfect meal for each person’s unique condition when they are back home. The diet in the hospital is then customized for each patient and is prepared on the basis of blood tests that are performed on the first day of treatment.

Meals for our patients are included in the treatment package, consisting of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. All is prepared in the hospital’s own kitchen which uses hand selected products to ensure quality. A balanced diet comes daily with a label with the name of the patient and how many calories they are consuming. This is all according to their specific energy needs.

Local and healthy food with organic products

For children, the team of nutritionists prepares some cooking activities too. This is so they understand and see what they need to eat well to improve their condition. Parents receive guidance on the best way to feed their children and all participate together to understand how to build a balanced diet.

According to nutritionist Sarah Janssen, “during the patient’s treatment, we aim to detoxify the body and eliminate toxins that had accumulated so far. This happens as the patient proceeds to eat properly.” She also says that the products for the preparation of foods are preferably acquired by local producers, so that patients receive a more healthy diet with organic products.

Different diets for different needs

All this attention to food is part of the approach of Functional Medicine, which is concerned with the interactions between genetics, environmental factors and lifestyle that influences long-term health. In the experience of our medical staff, that special attention to nutrition is directly reflected in the improved general health of patients after they receive treatment. Patients who come for stem cell treatment can be assured that not only are they receiving the medical benefits of the cells, but that they are creating a healthy internal environment for the stem cells to be most effective.