PLS Patient Receives 3rd Stem Cell Therapy

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Since being diagnosed with primary lateral sclerosis (PLS) in February of 2016, Sylvie has taken three trips to Thailand to receive stem cell treatment, finishing her most recent treatment in October of 2018. Before receiving stem cell therapy for PLS, her symptoms included spasticity in her arms and legs, and she became so tired that she needed to nap every afternoon. Then one day, while watching a TV show in France, she heard about stem cells as a new treatment method. Curious, she did her research and contacted patients who had previously been to Beike’s partnering hospital in Thailand for treatment.

Convinced by the research and previous patients’ testimonials, she went to Thailand, excited for a comprehensive stem cell therapy for PLS that goes beyond just stem cells and also includes physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and other supportive therapies. Her and her husband’s hope was that the stem cells would be able to slow the progression of the disease.

Sylvie’s husband, who accompanied her on her trip, gave some insight into what it was like after arriving in Thailand. “The first days we had a consultation with the doctor in charge of Sylvie, she had some blood tests and other examinations. She also had (a) PT-OT assessment in order to determine what would be the rehabilitation program.” The staff was “very nice, young and smiling,” and the hospital had “a great family atmosphere. We (were) even invited on Thursday evening to eat Chinese fondue with the nursing staff on the top floor by the pool.”

During her stay, Sylvie noticed significant results from the HMT (Human Microbiota Transplant) treatment she received. HMT is a treatment for digestive problems, and can be used for basic digestive issues such as IBS, or for the digestive problems that are commonly experienced by patients with neurological degenerative diseases. Studies have shown that HMT can not only benefit the digestive tract of patients with neurological diseases, but even improve the symptoms of the disease itself. For Sylvie, she noticed the benefits of HMT right away. “My (digestion), which was difficult and required medication, has become normal again. Since my return I no longer use drugs or laxatives. My (digestion) is normal, as it was years ago.”

As for the stem cells, when Sylvie returned home she felt a week of fatigue, and then began to regain energy. She no longer takes naps in the afternoons, and instead takes about an hour in the afternoons to do exercises for her fitness and endurance. “During my last stays, the effects of stem cells was felt for 8 to 10 months after stem cell therapy for PLS. This time I am motivated to continue the physiotherapy, occupational therapy, aquatherapy, and other exercises in order to keep my body active and help the stem cells to proliferate in the right areas of my central nervous system.” We are thrilled that Sylvie has seen such wonderful results, and hope that she continues to experience these benefits as she sticks to her home regimen!

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