Q&A – Stem Cell Therapy for Cerebral Palsy

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Last Updated on: 27th July 2023, 04:10 pm

Subir accompanied by his dad during the Occupational Therapy session

From day one the whole staff made us feel very comfortable.

Our patient Subir together with his dad underwent our stem cell therapy protocol for 23 days. During their stay, we sat down with them to understand more about Subir’s condition and their experience at our facility center in Bangkok, Thailand.

Subir’s condition

In 2019 when we found out Subir was not growing at the same level as other kids so his doctor referred us to a therapist for speech and occupational therapy. We thought he was slow from the first day since he had feeding problems when he was born and could not drink any liquid. It took us several months to teach him how to drink milk so we thought he had a slow start. He did therapies for 6 months and then covid started and everything got pushed back. We helped him for years, but his speech was not working. His school district diagnosed him with ASD so we kept pushing therapies and after taking him to a couple of specialists we found out he has mild cerebral palsy, because he can open his mouth to speak, but cannot get the words out.

Some of the symptoms were: speech delay, difficulties in making eye contact, muscle weakness, hand/ eye coordination, not able to run or jump, and difficulties in chewing food properly.

How did you hear about your treatment? And what were your expectations?

I heard about Beike Biotech on the internet. I did some research and came across the website and got impressed with the testimonial videos. The best way to describe Subir’s condition is the testimonial video of the patient Flynn from Australia. I watched many Youtube videos of Beike and felt that it was the right treatment to go for.

We hope that the treatment improves his quality of life in many ways, especially his speech. We hope in the next few months he is able to improve his speech.

Your stay at our Facility Center

The facility center had their driver waiting for us at the airport and made us feel very comfortable once we arrived at the facility. The staff is very very friendly and polite, they made us feel part of their family. It’s 6 stars out of 5. During the first stem cell procedure, the doctor and nurses made it look very comfortable and Subir did not have any side effects, he woke up after a few hours of sleep ready to go out and about. The therapies I believe did help Subir to get more active and more comfortable with staff and nurses.

Overall Experience

His situation now might be a little early to say what really changed, but I do feel he got a little more active. Also, we will watch the next several months to see what changes come. We had a great experience, it felt more like we were on holiday, not going through treatment. From day one the whole staff made us feel very comfortable.