Stem Cells Brings Countless Improvements in Spina Bifida

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Last Updated on: 27th July 2023, 04:14 pm

Matheus was born with his spine open due to spina bifida (myelomeningocele) and during the subsequent procedure to correct it suffered hydrocephalus and Arnold Chiari malformation. However after undergoing spina bifida stem cell treatment the improvements have been “countless” in the words of his mother. Within a week they have noticed increased strength in Matheus’ legs and greatly improved balance allowing him to walk properly for the first time among many others.

Patient name: Matheus
Patient age: 3
Nationality: Brazilian

Last Updated on: 27th July 2023, 04:14 pm

Below is the English video transcription from Matheus’ mother. 

Matheus was born on February 22nd, 2014. When he was born, we detected his problem. He was born with his spine open, which is called myelomeningocele [spina bifida]. Soon after, he had to have surgery to correct this and subsequently, he got hydrocephalus and Arnold Chiari malformation. We worked hard to take care of him. He stayed for a long time in the neonatal intensive care unit. And as he does not walk, he does not speak, and since he was little he has had many problems, it changed everything in our lives. As his mother, I didn’t think we’d get through this. I was very sad indeed but I have always accepted his problem.

We decided that we would pursue the best for him. And since then, that’s what we’ve been doing. I watched some videos of people who had come to do this treatment and then I discussed it with my husband and we thought, “Why don’t we try to take Matheus to do this treatment?” since people have improved so much – why not try to see what results Matheus can get? We haven’t even left yet, we’ve got our last few days here, and we already think we’ll come back in the future. Matheus has already had six applications, three of them lumbar puncture and three intravenous. He has done aquatic therapy, hyperbaric oxygen chamber, occupational therapy, he has done all the therapies the hospital provides, and the improvements are countless, really countless.

…he has done all the therapies the hospital provides,and the improvements are countless, really countless.

Within a week, we could already notice the difference in strength of Matheus’ legs and also with his balance: a very big difference. When he walked, he would confuse his steps, his leg wobbled. He could not walk properly. Now, although he is still using the walker, he is already able to stand and his steps are correctly aligned. He has already improved so much. He did not have the strength that he has today.

The bladder has improved a lot, because before when I used to open the diaper to change it, he started to pee and now he can control it. Regarding his attention, too. He is much more attentive, he can fix his eyes on what he wants to see, and follows with his eyes, something he had not done before. He has been progressing more and more.

Every day, we can notice some difference in Matheus. If we touch Matheus’ foot, it does not respond to the stimulus, his toes do not move at all, and when he leaves the hyperbaric chamber, he can move his toes. We touch his foot and it responds, his toes move. Just a little but it’s something. We noticed it after two or three hyperbaric sessions, the sensitivity of his feet.

Matheus hardly ate anything in Brazil. Chewing was very difficult for him. When we got here, our first appointment was with the nutritionist. He had had a blood test and she could see Matheus’ needs.

Now, although he is still using the walker, he is already able to stand and his steps are correctly aligned.

They created a menu, so we can take it to Brazil and he can continue following this diet. The diet is very rich in all nutrients, in all proteins and is very diversified. Matheus accepted it very calmly, he managed to chew it, with a little difficulty of course, but he accepted it pretty well and he’s been eating well.

I think that with this treatment, he will now be able to have a better quality of life, a certain independence. So I recommend to anyone who needs to have treatment of this type to go for it and come here, because it’s worth it. It’s very real indeed, it’s authentic. We sometimes watch a video on the internet or somewhere, and think “Oh, it’s not like that, it’s not going to be this way” and arriving here and experiencing every stage of the treatment, every stage of the injections and everything that Matheus has experienced during our stay we were so impressed because it is worth every penny, it is a treatment exactly according to what was sold to us on the internet. I am very pleased, I think that the schedule was just right, everything was very well organized, our stay here in the hospital was very quiet, everything was perfect. The staff are always very concerned to help solve any problems. I think it’s very good indeed. It’s something that is not just from another country, it’s something from another planet.

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