Stem Cell Medical Reports for: Autism
Author or authors of report : Yong-Tao Lv, Yun Zhang, Min Liu, Jia-na-ti Qiuwaxi, Paul Ashwood, Sungho Charles Cho, Ying Huan, Ru-Cun Ge, Xing-Wang Chen, Zhao-Jing Wang, Byung-Jo Kim & Xiang Hu
Date of report : 2013-08-27
Background: Autism is a pervasive neurodevelopmental disorder with no defined mechanisms of pathogenesis, and therapy is mostly limited to behavioral interventions. Stem cell transplantation may offer a unique treatment strategy
Author or authors of report : Geraldine Dawson, Jessica M. Sun, Katherine S. Davlantis, Michael Murias, Lauren Franz, Jesse Troy,Ryan Simmons, Maura Sabatos‐DeVito, Rebecca Durham and Joanne Kurtzberg,
Date of report : 2017-04-05
Major Points and Findings: Objective: The study aimed to explore the safety, feasibility, and potential benefits of a single intravenous infusion of autologous umbilical cord blood in young children diagnosed
Author or authors of report : Alok Sharma, Nandini Gokulchandran, Hemangi Sane, Anjana Nagrajan, Amruta Paranjape, Pooja Kulkarni, Akshata Shetty, Priti Mishra, Mrudula Kali, Hema Biju and Prerna Badhe
Date of report : 2013-08-25
Major Points and Findings: Background: Cellular therapy is emerging as a potential treatment for autism. The primary pathogenetic mechanisms of autism are believed to be hypoperfusion (reduced blood flow) and
Author or authors of report : Cecilia N Amadi, Chinna N Orish, Chiara Frazzoli and Orish E Orisakwe,
Date of report : 2022-09-19
Background: Autism is a multifaceted spectrum of disorders with origins rooted in genetics, epigenetics, autoimmune responses, oxidative stress, and environmental factors. Using dietary approaches to treat ASD is gaining traction
Author or authors of report : Manjiri Deshpande Shenoy, Vishal Indla, and Harish Reddy.
Date of report : 2017-12-01
Comprehensive Management of Autism: Current Evidence The article titled "Comprehensive Management of Autism: Current Evidence" from the Indian Journal of Psychological Medicine (Nov-Dec 2017) by Manjiri Deshpande Shenoy, Vishal India,
Author or authors of report : Mohammed Al-Beltagi
Date of report : 2021-05-09
Autism Medical Comorbidities The medical report from the "World J Clin Pediatr" titled "Autism medical comorbidities" is authored by Mohammed Al-Beltagi. The report delves into the various medical comorbidities that
Author or authors of report : Jiayang Qu, Zicai Liu, Lincai Li, Zhengwei Zou, Zhengyi He, Lin Zhou, Yaolin Luo, Minhong Zhang, and Junsong Ye.
Date of report : 2022-05-04
Major Points and Findings: Aim: The study aimed to gather evidence regarding the efficacy and safety of stem cell therapy for autism spectrum disorders (ASD) in children. The authors conducted
Author or authors of report : Ronan Lordan, Cristiano Storni, and Chiara Alessia De Benedictis
Date of report : 2021-08-20
Abstract: The diagnostic criteria and treatment approaches for autism spectrum disorders (ASD) have evolved significantly over time. Diagnosis is primarily based on observational screening tools assessing a child's social and