Stem Cell Therapy Empowers Patient To Pursue Dreams

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Like countless other girls, Virali Modi dreamt of being a model and actress. However, unlike them, Virali was left wheelchair-bound after a trip to India in 2006. The American of Indian-origin was hospitalised for months, where she slipped in and out of coma whilst fighting for her life. The diagnosis was chronic transverse myelitis, an inflammatory condition that leads to spinal cord injury.

Instead of abandoning her career aspirations, Virali was determined to recover and underwent three rounds of stem cell therapy to regain mobility in her limbs. After five years of extensive treatment, Virali can now walk using a support and can carry out day-to-day tasks independently. Competing in a beauty pageant called Miss Wheelchair India last year was a step towards pursuing her ambitions. The 23-year-old is currently an online content writer, and is actively auditioning for roles in the Bollywood industry.

Virali’s story is one fuelled by determination and catalysed by ground-breaking advances in medicine. Stem cell treatment is one such protocol that has provided hope to many individuals with chronic conditions that were once considered untreatable. Conditions such as ataxia, autism, cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophy are a few of the many that can now be treated using stem cells.

Combination of Stem Cell Treatment with extensive rehabilitation

With Beike Biotechnology’s extensive history of providing stem cell banking and protocols, over 20,500 patients worldwide have been given a new lease on life. The combination of stem cell treatment and extensive rehabilitation therapy at Better Being Hospital has resulted in significant improvements in patients. For some, it means they have gained the ability to walk, speak, interact with others, or even see again. The broad range of treatments available has resulted in making the impossible possible. For individuals such as Virali, the sky can once again be the limit.

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