Stem cell therapy for Lotta (4) with spinocerebellar ataxia “absolute success”

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Last Updated on: 27th July 2023, 04:12 pm

In February, Lotta (4) was diagnosed with spastic spinocerebellar ataxia. For mother Sandra the world collapsed. For some time she had noticed that Lotta had difficulties walking and her sight got worse and worse. But the diagnosis of spastic spinocerebellar ataxia came as an absolute shock. Especially because the doctors informed Sandra that the rare genetic-related disease is incurable and that there are no treatment options in Germany.

Berlin shows heart – Big fundraisers for Lotta

Sandra could not and would not accept this. Fortunately, she knew a family that had already come to Thailand for stem cell treatment with Beike Biotech and had achieved good results. As a single mother, however, she could not afford the treatment cost. That’s when she realized, that she needed to raise the necessary amount through donations. With the help of friends, the fundraiser “Gemeinsam mit Liebe, für Lotta” (Together with Love, for Lotta) was launched. From the beginning, the newspaper “Berliner Kurier” accompanied the fundraiser and reported about Lotta and their goal to come for stem cell treatment.

Improvements in Lotta were already visible after three stem cell injections

After hearing about the case in the news, a company in Potsdam alone donated €10,000. After only a few weeks it was actually done and they had risen the necessary money. Lotta’s mother was overwhelmed and moved by the helpfulness of her fellow citizens. The treatment could actually start.

Treatment of ataxia with stem cells in the Better Being Hospital

Before the treatment, Lotta, according to the mother, had big problems walking and was very shaky on her legs. She always needed a hand to hold on. At stretches over 400 meters, she needed a wheelchair, as it was hardly possible for her to walk such long distances. Bending, jumping or getting up was only possible with holding. Vision is also severely impaired. The left eye is blind and on the right she only sees under 10%.

“Only a short time after of our arrival, we already felt very, very comfortable. We were warmly received. There was always a contact person and the staff was friendly throughout and always in the best mood,” says Sandra. In addition, “the entire Beike team was exceptionally cordial”. “It’s really hard to put into words. Everyone is there with their heart. This hospitality and cordiality makes your stay unforgettable.” She also praised the team acting “very structured and harmonious.” She had never seen anything like it before.

During the treatment Sandra had always maintained contact with the “Berliner Kurier”. They reported here and here about Lotta’s stay and her progress in BBH. The mother also blogged about the treatment in her blog on Facebook. Very early it became apparent, that the treatment would exceed her expectations.

Lotta didn’t have any problem with any stem cell injection. There were no side effects.

According to Sandra, it was after only three stem cell injections, that improvements started to show. She describes the improvements as follows: “Her eyes don’t look so much into the void anymore, she recognizes colors more clearly and the squinting is gone or only occurs minimally. It’s been eight weeks now, since we are back in Germany and we have only used the wheelchair once. Lotta walks much better, she has better balance, can even jump, get up and bend without the need to hold on to something.

Lotta’s mother is overwhelmed by the results: “This treatment was an absolute success. It was the best thing that could happen to my little daughter.

Lotta’s story makes it to TV

TV had also become aware of Lotta and her stem cell therapy for ataxia and aired a long segment on Sat 1 Breakfast TV, where the numerous improvements of Lotta can be observed. As Sandra reported on her blog, because of the aired segment, a lawyer learned about the case and offered to support the family for free. The aim is to recognize stem cell treatment as a therapy for ataxia in Germany and therefore make health insurance cover the treatment cost.

On behalf of all people suffering from ataxia, we hope that this endeavor will be successful and that the treatment with stem cells for ataxia can be made accessible to more people.

The treatment was an absolute success

Lotta’s mother opinion about the treatment is clear: “This treatment was an absolute success. It was the best thing that could happen to my little daughter. I would say that there is no better clinic in the world. From the doctor to the cleaner, all employees there are absolute heartfelt people. It’s like a big family. We are unbelievably grateful for the wonderful time and everything they have done for us. A new life has begun for us. With hope and new quality of life“.

As Lotta’s ataxia is progressive, she will need more stem cell therapies in the future. If you want to support Lotta and her mother, a donation account is set up:

Deutsche Kreditbank
Account holder: Einzelhilfe Manufaktur e.V.
IBAN: DE 64120300001020040505
Purpose: Gemeinsam mit Liebe für Lotta

If you want to be kept up to date on Lotta’s progress or get in touch, please consider following Sandra’s blog on Facebook. There you will also find numerous pictures and videos of her stay in Bangkok:

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