Stem Cell Therapy for Ataxia Allows Patient to Walk Unassisted

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Just three months ago before undergoing adult stem cell therapy for ataxia, Lorena was unable to stand or move around freely without support. Additionally, she experienced loss of trunk control, speech impediments, double vision and eye control impairment or nystagmus. Now, as can be seen in her home video, she is able to walk around independently without the need of assistance.

Before traveling to Thailand for adult stem cell treatment, Lorena was searching for a way to get a “better quality of life and live as normal as possible.” While searching the internet they found stories of people who came came before them for similar conditions. While she says they had the usual concerns and hopes considering it is available in outside of their home country and is a relatively new treatment, they found that it was “the only option” available. Besides the improvements in walking and motor function, Lorena has said that she’s seen other improvements in communication, swallowing, trunk control, and her double vision just 3 months after treatment. Her improvements have been covered extensively in the Brazilian news media (links below).

Lorena Ataxia patient headshot
Patient name: Lorena
Patient age: 24
Nationality: Brazilian

While these improvements may seem astounding, it is not the first case of stem cell treatment bringing remarkable improvements for Ataxia patients. Juliet Govender was in a very similar situation; “after a misdiagnosis, Juliet’s health deteriorated to the point that she was incapable of climbing stairs and walking without assistance…” Finally she was diagnosed with type 1 spinocerebellar ataxia and underwent stem cell therapy in 2015 with life changing results.

Watch: Juliet, Ataxia | Stem Cell Treatment Testimonial

While stem cell treatment offers hope for ataxia patients, the overall goal is that every patient suffering from a currently incurable or chronic condition can find a treatment that is right for them.

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Additional news media from Brazil (in Portuguese):