Stem Cell Therapy Bring Multiple Sclerosis Patient Life Changing Improvements

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Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and stem cells

Juan José Gallego de la Cruz was told 10 years ago that his condition was incurable and that there was nothing he could do to avoid its fatal outcome. Nevertheless, being the kind of person who never gives up, he made the decision that he would do whatever it takes not to let his condition dictate his life.

Multiple Sclerosis symptoms

Juan José’s story started while on holiday in Ecuador, when he noticed the first symptoms of what would later on be diagnosed as Multiple Sclerosis shortly after spending a few days mountain climbing. Once he returned to his hometown in Spain, the doctors carefully studied his condition and shared with him the fatal news that his disease was degenerative and that there was little to do to help him.

After a few years, he had to quit his job as a police officer due to the slow physical degeneration his body was experiencing: he lost balance while walking, had double vision in one of his eyes, got tired quickly and started using a cane more often. For the most part, his situation seemed hopeless, and yet, deep down in his heart, Juan José concluded that there had to be a chance for him. And as it usually happens for those determined enough to fight for a solution to their problems, he ended up finding one.

It was after a few days of searching online, that Juan José found some information on stem cell treatments for patients suffering from Multiple Sclerosis. After carefully studying all the options available and noticing Beike’s long history combating his condition, he resolved to give Beike’s protocol a try and headed to the Better Being Hospital to undergo the month-long treatment.

Juan José Gallego de la Cruz during PT Therapy with BBH staff in Thailand
Juan José Gallego de la Cruz during PT Therapy with BBH staff in Thailand

Improvements after stem cell treatment

For the time being, despite not having yet finished his treatment protocol, Juan José has started to notice some promising improvements and is eagerly waiting for more. At the moment, he is able to walk in a more balanced way completely on his own, can squat down to pick things up without falling down, can bounce balls from all sizes on the floor a few times in a row and feels much more energetic and confident than before. Moreover, not only is he able to perform activities and exercises that he was incapable of doing back in Spain, but he can do them all and not feel as fatigued nor as tired as he did back home. While traveling with his parents on an excursion to Bangkok’s Old Town, he walked for hours, climbed the stairs at the temple of Wat Arun and walked around the Grand Palace and the Golden Buddha without feeling exhausted that day nor the day after, whereas in Spain he could barely leave his home for a day and a half after spending sometime at the supermarket or the swimming pool due to physical exhaustion.

His latest improvement was performing his Occupational Therapy activities more accurately with his hands and not as clumsily as before. For the time being, he is certain that this evolution will continue in the following months after returning to Spain. Juan José is convinced that he will improve more and more and is hopeful that he will be able to recuperate everything he has lost physically with the help of Beike’s stem cells.

Let’s all keep our fingers crossed and wish him and all of our patients good luck with their recovery.