Stroke Patient Debbie Zagone Undergoes Adult Stem Cell Treatment [Video]

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In late 2014 a Stroke Patient Debbie Zagone suffered an ischemic stroke. Not satisfied with the conventional treatment she and her husband decided to seek out alternative treatments and discovered Beike Biotechnology. Beike comprehensive stem cell therapy has been used to treat over 22,500 patients with various chronic conditions.

Stroke patient Debbie saw many improvements

Before arriving in Bangkok Thailand Stroke Patient Debbie underwent the typically recommended stroke rehabilitation. She spent one month in a rehab hospital, 1 month HOPE therapy, and about 6 months of outpatient therapy utilizing physical, occupational, and speech therapy. Due to this her speech was almost at 100% while her cognitive abilities were normal.

Stroke Patient Debbie Zagone remained paralyzed on her left side and had little movement of her left arm, and 

  • Debbie could move her left hand and fingers but with very little strength.
  • Slight paralysis on the left side of her face too.
  • She could move her left leg but had no feeling in her left foot.

Debbie Zagone could only walk with the aid of a gait belt and brace and for no more than 100 feet at a time. Additionally, the peripheral vision in her left eye was also effected and since the stroke she had lost all peripheral vision on the left side.

Thankfully, during Debbie’s 26-day stem cell treatment she saw much improvement, specifically in her vision, sensation, and walking ability.

Watch now: Deborah Zagone Discusses Adult Stem Cell Treatment for Stroke

During treatment Debbie received eight packets of umbilical cord blood-derived stem cells (UCBSC) in addition to hyperbaric oxygen therapy, aquatic therapy, transcranial magnetic stimulation, occupational therapy, physical therapy, acupuncture, and a specific diet and nutrition plan.

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