Stroke Patient Sees Improvements After Stem Cell Treatment

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Stem Cell Therapy For Stroke

In 2015 and in her early 30’s, Renata had a left cerebellar ischemic stroke in the pons of the brainstem. The stroke, caused by thrombosis (a blood clot) in the basilar artery, resulted in tetra paresis, or partial loss of function in the four limbs. Renata’s speech became voiceless without the strength from her diaphragm, and she became dependent on others in her daily life. When she and her family began to hear stories from people that had been treated with Beike stem cells, they started research immediately. After talking with previous patients and watching testimonials online, they decided that it would be worth a shot.

Renata and her family hoped that she would be able to improve in any way she could, become slightly more independent, and improve her quality of life. It was for these hopes that they left Brazil and flew to the Better Being Hospital in Thailand.

When they arrived in Bangkok, they were pleasantly surprised. The kindness and understanding nature of the hospital staff put them at ease. Throughout the treatment, they were pleased that the care “focused on the individual patient,” and impressed by the professionalism throughout the whole journey. Renata worked hard in all of her supportive therapies, as the supportive therapies are an important part of the treatment process to encourage the stem cells to find the places in the body that need to heal. Below you can see Renata exercising and strengthening her diaphragm to blow out a candle.

After her treatment, Renata has seen improvement in her diaphragm, and can produce sound where before she could not. Her legs now move better as well and there has been less spasticity. “We highly recommend the treatment to everyone who is looking for a better quality of life,” her family says. The staff at BBH and Beike are so proud and happy to see the improvements for which Renata has worked so hard. 

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