Sue Jordaan’s SCI Stem Cell Treatment

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Below is a recent follow-up interview (1/14/2015) between a Beike international staff member and Sue.

Please describe your physical state before stem cell treatment. What sensations did you have or not have?

Before my stem cell treatment I had little balance and no/or little bladder control. I could not sit for long and my legs most of the time were swollen and cold. I had no sensation from the waist down.

How did you hear about stem cell therapy? What did you think of the technology? Were there any concerns or hopes?

Actually my doctor mentioned stem cell treatment… so I started with research and came upon BBH Thailand and a clinic in Panama. After looking at all the options BBH was my choice based on the good feedback from my Beike (Stem Cell Treatment Now) agent which I contacted after seeing all the reviews. My main concern must have been communication and the different culture, but after my first day communicating to them I had been put at ease… It was my first time travelling and I had to cope with my disability. Since we arrived in Bangkok we had a warm welcome and world class service… our 40 days in Bangkok had been like living with close family.

How did you find Beike? What lead you to choosing Beike stem cells as a treatment option?

Beike (Stem Cell Treatment Now) was my first option. All the information given to me before hand was so helpful and so my mind was set.
Beike (Stem Cell Treatment Now) by far gave the most feedback, detailed information, and not to mention the customer service starting from my first email to the last. They still check up on me.

What were your treatment expectations before going to Thailand? What specifically were you hoping to achieve?

My expectations were to get more balance, bladder control and sensation; I received so much more! Balance, sensation to my groin and upper leg and movement in my upper leg and strong hip movement.

Upon arrival, what were the first few days like? Was it convenient, comfortable, etc.?

At arrival I was very scared but put at ease by the well-organized facility and staff. The next day every little detail been explained to me about the coming weeks and program. For me who has never traveled before, and with the added disability, it was an amazing journey. I got so much from it.

What do you think about BBH and the Beike/BBH staff overall?

The staff are world class… not only friendly but helpful in all ways possible from the cleaners to the doctors. I did not only see them as doctors and nurses but as friends.

What are your thoughts about the comprehensive approach, including functional medicine and nutrition on top of the cell therapy?

The stem cell and functional medicine has made a world of difference in my life, with everything from nutrition to therapy it has changed my way of thinking and living a more healthy life.

Describe the time between treatments until your first noticeable results. What were the results, how long did they take? What is happening now?

I started with balance and ended up with balance and sensation and it has been 6months now and my toes are moving from time to time. My upper body feels connected again with my lower body. Since treatment I have not had any urinary tract infections, and I have had better bladder control and can feel when it’s full. My bowl movement has improved a lot and I have not had an accident since. With the current improvement it made my life as a single mother so much more bearable and I can live again.

My future plan would be to get funds for an epidural stimulator. If I could gain so much improvement in such a short time a can just imagine what the results after a stimulator may lead to. It is now 16 months since my spinal cord injury accident and I would not be this far without the treatment and stem cells received from BBH and Beike Biotechnology (Stem Cell Treatment Now) 

Is there anything else you wish to share?

I just would like to thank Beike (Stem Cell Treatment Now) and the BBH and staff, they are the best!

I also noticed that in South Africa the word ‘rehab’ does not exist and so little if any know about Beike and BBH and it can make a world of difference to more people, not just in South Africa but in Africa, if more people know the connection between body and mind and functional medicine. I have learned more in 40 days in BBH than a life time in South Arica.

For the future, I hope that through my success story, it would spread around Africa with the hope of a better future and life.

Because I have been fortunate enough to get treatment in my first year of injury I think I would be a great candidate for epidural stimulation.

I am sure that I will have more improvement in the time coming.

Sue’s improvements are a great reminder of how far we have come in SCI research and how much more we have to do. Epidural stimulation is a huge breakthrough that is providing patients with a new hope. We are looking forward to seeing her in Bangkok again for a potential epidural stimulation treatment.

From everyone at Beike Biotechnology (Stem Cell Treatment Now) and Better Being Hospital we wish Sue and her family continued success, happiness, and improved quality of life.

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