Update on Mia Ruthey (PLS) After Returning Home From Stem Cell Treatment

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Primary Lateral Sclerosis (PLS)

In June we reported about a Primary Lateral Sclerosis (PLS) patient named Mia. PLS is a degenerative condition, and as such Mia needs to get regular treatment to maintain a healthy quality of life and keep her condition from progressing. We captured her progress and journey in a past blog and testimonial. Everything seemed to be going great. After receiving a comment on her video stating that some of her friends had not been able to contact her through various electronic means, we also began to wonder why we hadn’t received any updates or replies to our medical follow up reports. Of course, Beike staff reached out immediately to contact her. The following email is her reply:

How do you feel after stem cell treatment?

OMGosh! Here I am! I am fine…I am GREAT!!!! I am not on my facebook because of lack of time and I am on the computer all day at school. I feel awesome and have been able to drop some weight due to the diet Sara [the treatment center nutritionist ed.] has me on… 50 total so far! I am very very strong still… that has never changed which amazes my DRs at Northwestern! I apologize for my not keeping in touch. I have to get better at that. I am already planning for my next trip in June! I miss everyone and just the overall feeling there! OK… well I’m fabulous so please, please pass that on so I can be of help to other Beike patients. Let me know if there is anything else I can do! Cannot wait to come back! My love to all at Beike!!!


This fantastic news had to be shared. Not only is she fine, but feeling better than ever! As she said in her interview last summer, western medicine had given her no hope. We are so pleased that she is doing fine and maintaining the healthy lifestyle we were able to help her build at Better Being Hospital. We cannot wait to see her again. Tags: Mia Ruthey, patient story, PLS