Amazing improvements after first Stem Cell Therapy for Autism at Shixin Hospital, China

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Last Updated on: 8th December 2023, 03:50 pm

Thorben, 5 years old, has been identified as having autism. His family decided to take him to our Shixin Hospital in China so that he may receive fecal microbiota transplantation (FMT) and stem cells. He was given 170 million mesenchymal stem cells in total throughout their one-week stay. The treatment was successful in improving Thorben’s symptoms and overall quality of life. Read below the Question and Answer session we did with his mom.


Describe the patient’s physical state before stem cell treatment. What were the symptoms of the condition the patient was experiencing?

Constant crying and screaming. Sensory Processor Disorder – High sensitivity issues, difficulty with washing and combing hair, cutting toenails, certain textures such as grass and sand, covering ears to most sounds frequent anger, hitting, and constant meltdown to any transition of tasks or change in routine. Very fatigued and has low motor gross skills; Minimal to no eye contact and considered as nonverbal, saying very few, single word objects. Constantly seeking sensory movements, bouncing on a therapy ball, trampoline, or swings instead of doing an activity or task. Constant stimming such as rocking, hand flapping, jumping, placing objects in the mouth, humming, and screeching/squeaking Restless sleeper. Not responding to his name or when talking to him.

How did you hear about stem cell therapy? What did you think of the technology? Were there any hopes or concerns before arriving?

I came across a Facebook page for biomedical, when a parent mentioned stem cell therapy stem cell therapy is a great advancement in medical technology to cover a range of diseases/disorders and injuries. We only had hope that the treatment would be successful for our son who developed this condition.

How did you find Beike? What led you to choose Beike as a treatment option?

Some parents shared their experiences and spoke to them on the phone, regarding diagnosis, and their condition before stem cell therapy, and during treatment, and the outcome was very positive. We followed the same treatment for IT and IV injections for a better outcome.

What were your treatment expectations before going to China? What specifically were you hoping to achieve?

The expectations were the same as what the parents had told us, which made our journey easier. We were hoping to minimize the pain, high sensory, and nerve sensitivity issues our son was experiencing, and greater awareness and ability to be independent like his siblings and peers.

Upon arrival, what were the first few days like? Was it convenient, comfortable, etc?

It was convenient and straightforward and we had the schedule to advise us on days of attending and observation days.

What do you think about the hospital staff overall and Beike team?

Beike staff were endearing to the whole treatment, and gave us comprehensive information and explanation, before, during after treatment. The hospital staff were great, especially Dr Zhao.

What was the experience like? Also, what are your thoughts about the comprehensive approach, including nutrition and additional therapies?

We attended Shixin Hospital, the treatment went very well. Beike staff was with us guiding us through the procedure, how long it would take, and explaining each step. She answered all our questions and ordered our meals while we were in the ward recovering.

What were the results if any, and how long did they take? What is happening now?

Thorben’s results only 4 weeks in from the last treatment is below: His words are clearer and trying to make 2 to 3 worded request or demand. Randomly applying single-worded objects or stating the presence without prompt. Ask a question, “Where is Daddy?”; Reduced stimming and able to do a task with assistance and not crying out loud. More control in arms and legs. Not tripping over constantly and there is thought & control in writing and drawing. The constant crying, screaming and meltdowns have reduced. The length of meltdowns used to be around 15 minutes. He is now able to regulate his emotions including anger and the meltdowns will last for 1 to 5 mins. He responds to his name when calling out and looks with eye contact. Able to follow very simple commands or directions to do an activity or go somewhere. He is more focused and attempts to complete a task with assistance. He is slowly becoming aware of people, animals, and the environment. Able to walk on sand and grass, comb his hair, wash his hair, and cut his toenails without sensory issues, able to sit in a crowd with less ear covering, and listen to his surroundings. He is happy to put on long sleeves, socks, and jumpers without a meltdown. Smiling and able to hug him, he hugs back. Improving his touch senses His sleeping is getting better. He does not constantly seek to bounce on a therapy ball, trampoline, or swings. The physical stimming of humming, rocking, jumping, and hand flapping is reducing. He is calmer.

We are hoping for more improvements over the next 9 months.

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