Funding Your Stem Cell Treatment

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Stem cell treatment and U.S. hospitals

A stay in the average U.S. hospital for a serious procedure can cost a small fortune, sometimes up to $10,000 USD a night. That doesn’t mean that stem cell therapy is cheap – rather that it is relatively affordable. While stem cell science is still advancing, and even our research and medical team here at Beike Biotechnology is working on new methods daily, this is a somewhat new technology that comes with cost.

So, Beike’s international department has put together a short guide to help in your own fundraising efforts. Inspired by hundreds of our patients who have made their trips possible through crowd sourcing, we knew that other patients could follow in their footsteps. The guide is a simple three step process: Prepare, Start, and Publicize.

How to start funding your stem cell treatment?

Additionally, here are some more tips and useful links to get the most out of your efforts on how to start funding your stem cell treatment.
For those who want to start a simple blog, we recommend Blogger. These are very simple websites that have all the functionality needed to spread the word and help with collecting your donations and interacting with your supporters.
Another site that has been having great success in helping others accomplish their goals is Go Fund Me. A great crowd sourcing site that allows users to get donations to accomplish anything from traveling the world to starting their own business. Lastly, a PayPal account is almost a must for the online fundraiser. This site is essentially an online bank account – secure and simple.

Take advantage of these opportunities, and don’t forget that Beike will gladly help share your blog or fundraising information with our own network. Simply contact your Beike representative with the necessary information.

Remember, you are not alone and getting the treatment you need doesn’t have to break the bank. Sometimes, getting the help you need can be as simple as asking for it.